Thursday, August 16, 2012

Facial Proportions - Tori Spelling with New Facial Proportions and FFS

Once I read something about Tori Spelling looking like a drag queen. Just recently this came to mind and I thought, "Does she really?" And to answer that question, I found the best photo I could find of her and got started.

The first thing I did was draw a head-shaped oval and put a horizontal line through the center. (I was trying to see how the proportions of her face compare to the guidelines used in drawing faces, shown here. In art class, this is how you start drawing a head.) The eyeballs will fall along the center line. So, the distance from her eyes to the top of her head should be the same distance to her chin.... according to how I was taught, which is just a guideline. But Tori is different. Here eyeballs fall above the center line and the rest wasn't lining up well either, so I wasn't sure what to do with that.

On to Plan B. According to the same art class guideline I mention above, the distance from her eyeballs to right below her nose should be about the same distance as that from below her nose to her chin, and her mouth should fall right above the lowest line. But her mouth is a bit low. I can't make her chin THAT short. It would look odd. So that was not working either.

So on to Plan C. I decided to divide her face into thirds as outlined in Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, and shown on this page (my guideline is a little off in the image below but I'm sure you get the point). And this is what I got.

The resulting image has four changes:

  1. a shorter chin
  2. a narrower, pointier chin (unlike Heidi Montag's chin which appears to have been just sawed off at the bottom leaving it wide and flat)
  3. a symmetrical nose (to hide her bad rhinoplasty that has left one side caved in)
  4. narrower jaw (just the tiniest bit since her jaw stuck out further than her cheekbones)

Approximate facial proportions in the "before" and "after" photos.

Before After
Top Third 29% 30%
Middle Third 33% 35%
Lower Third 38% 35%

I did not raise her forehead, due to the fact that FFS doctors would not do that, but if I wanted to remake her face into perfect thirds, that's what I would have done. Also, if she were male and FFS doctors got to her, I think they might suggest more changes since they are prone to that, but I think think the difference is remarkable. But more about facial proportions another day...


  1. Humans would be very boring to look at if we all fit into 3rds and pretty little boxes.

  2. She really looks so pretty in the "after" photo! I can't believe she hasn't gone and found a doctor who could do that. She would look much more feminine.

    1. erm..."pretty" inst the word i'd use. Her nose is out of scale when her face is made smaller. And im pretty sure if she touches her nose one more time, it will completely disintegrate..

    2. Ain't that the truth (about her nose disintegrating)

  3. Yes, I think she looks pretty and feminine in the "after" photo too. Maybe she's afraid of more surgery since her breasts turned out horrible and her nose ended up caved in on one side.

  4. Maybe she's richer than butts and managed to find a hot husband and is busy rolling in her father's money?

    Frankly, as much as it would be fun to be perfect, its probably exhausting, and the truly beautiful women are going nuts when they start losing their looks : Lara Flynn Boyle, Karen Mulder

    I do think the study is interesting though...

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  7. Will u fix my face too please and not publish but leme know what dr to see as well. I have been wanting jaw surgery forever but no one will do it they don't agtee my proportions are off but they are. Also I think my nose is not flat enough. I feel it shoupd be closer to my face.

  8. Yes, she look a lot better in the After.